Sales Milestone for Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

August 18, 2020

Toyota Certified Pre-Owned vehicles


**Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles program passes 100,000 sales**
**Almost one-third of certified vehicles are priced under $20,000**
**Free driving course for buyers under 25 over the next three months**

Consumer demand for high-quality, affordable Toyota Certified Pre-Owned (TCPO) vehicles is accelerating rapidly with the program reaching a total of 100,000 sales this month.

Toyota is marking the milestone by offering a free defensive driving course for anyone under 25 years who purchases one of these quality used cars over the next three months (September-November).

Vice President Sales and Marketing Sean Hanley said cumulative sales had doubled in just two years, due to an increasing number of consumers regarding the company’s certified brand as a smart alternative to a new vehicle.

“Consumers are finding a Toyota Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is an affordable entry point to our brand – and often the first step in becoming a customer for life, with 15 per cent of owners purchasing a new car within five years,” Mr Hanley said.

“Toyota chooses only the best pre-owned cars for the program and subjects them to a comprehensive inspection and background check, which means buyers can be as sure of the car’s past as they are of its future,” he said.

“Our certified pre-owned cars are also genuinely affordable, with almost one-third of eligible vehicles priced under $20,000. Three-quarters of them are less than five years old – and 41 per cent are under three years old.

“We anticipate certified pre-owned sales to continue growing beyond 25,000 a year as these cars offer the choice and quality expected of a Toyota.”

Under the program, all certified vehicles must be under 10 years old and have fewer than 160,000km on the odometer.

Each car undergoes an extensive 90-point inspection of all mechanical components, interior and exterior body condition, keys, service books and more before being delivered in showroom condition.

They are also subject to a CarHistory® check that searches the country’s largest database of consumer and credit records. The vehicle’s financial history is assessed in addition to checking it has not been stolen or has not been previously written off due to accident, flood or storm damage.

Once certified, the vehicles are covered by 12 months Toyota Roadside Assist, in addition to the statutory warranty.

A range of innovative finance options is available including Toyota Access that offers a Guaranteed Future Value1 – unique among car finance companies – that reduces the regular repayments.


1 Terms and conditions apply.