Toyota Launches Kinto Rent in Australia

June 1, 2021

Toyota launches new service, KINTO Rent.


Toyota today launched a new service, KINTO Rent, expanding offerings under the KINTO brand to offer mobility services across Australia beyond traditional sales of new vehicles to private and fleet customers.

KINTO provides motorists with the flexibility to book and drive a Toyota vehicle from an hour to a year at attractive rates – all through the KINTO app.

KINTO Rent enables members to access vehicles from specified off-street locations and participating Toyota Dealerships while KINTO Share, introduced earlier this year, provides convenient on-street sites with around-the clock access.

In its initial phase, Toyota vehicles booked through KINTO are available in the Melbourne CBD and nearby Carlton, as well as at Toyota Dealerships in Kilmore and Seymour in Victoria.

Set to become Australia’s most innovative solution to accessing a great range of Toyota vehicles, KINTO operates completely from a smartphone app, including sign up, booking, access and payment. Unlocking and locking of the vehicle is done via buttons from within the app.

Rates start at less than $10 an hour plus 30c per kilometre. Full-day rates begin at $63 (plus 27c/km). Weekly rates are available from just $294 with a lower per kilometre rate of 18 cents.

KINTO bookings include the convenience and reassurance of 24/7 roadside assistance and comprehensive insurance, along with the option to reduce the insurance excess.

Toyota intends that KINTO – a program of Toyota Finance Australia – will expand throughout Australia, increasing its availability to more customers.

Toyota Australia Vice President Sales, Marketing and Franchise Operations Sean Hanley said KINTO offers consumers greater freedom and flexibility whenever they need a vehicle.

“KINTO is the next best thing to owning your own car because it is simple and affordable to book and drive the latest Toyota vehicles, including our popular hybrid models,” Mr Hanley said.

“KINTO is part of our strategy to transition from a car company to a mobility company by providing new transport-related services to people across Australia,” he said.

“This innovative brand will allow us to respond to emerging customer needs and mobility requirements that go beyond our traditional business model.

“KINTO will offer services that will support Toyota’s aim to be the mobility provider of choice for all types of customers.”

The name KINTO is derived from kintou, a Japanese word meaning “flying nimbus” – a magical cloud that appears quickly when necessary to provide transport.

KINTO details, terms and conditions are available at or by calling 1300 4KINTO (454 686).