National Tree Day 2021

July 15, 2021

Toyota’s commitment to environmental improvement is evident both in our ambitious goal to achieving zero carbon emissions across our operations by 2050.With over 20 years of support for National Tree Day, Toyota has made an invaluable contribution to the planting of 25 million native trees shrubs and grasses by millions of children and adults across Australia.Visit National Tree DayHelping create a clearer environmentSince its inception in 1993, National Tree Day has grown to be Australia’s largest community tree-planting and nature care event.It’s a day that allows Australians to come together, roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty for the environment. Planting trees and shrubs is a fun, simple and effective way to help enrich our earth and protect nature’s wildlife.Toyota will continue to inspire, educate and recruit more people from local communities to maintain our beautiful environment for future generations.Schools Tree Day 

Friday 30 July 2021National Tree Day 

Sunday 1 August 2021Schools Tree Day and National Tree Day are Australia’s largest annual tree-planting and nature care events and take place on the last Friday and Sunday of July. This is an initiative organised by Planet Ark in partnership with Toyota Australia, its Dealer Network and our Toyota Ambassadors which provides support at tree planting sites across Australia